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An ode to the NBA’s ‘ninja-style’ headbands: Gone but not forgotten

An ode to the NBA’s ‘ninja-style’ headbands: Gone but not forgotten
Friday 13
2:27 2019

Mike Scott was among the NBA players who embraced the look. (Elsa/Getty Images) If you followed the NBA last season, you saw them. Wrapped elegantly around the head like a Japanese Hachimaki, there is no doubt they were aesthetically pleasing. The so-called “ninja-style” headbands streaked behind players like the contrails of a jet and took the league by storm, adding something extra to every dunk, block and three-pointer made by those who wore them. Jimmy Butler, Jrue Holiday and Mike Scott were among the players who embraced the look, and by the end of last season the headbands appeared destined ...

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Read more from Washington Post : An ode to the NBA’s ‘ninja-style’ headbands: Gone but not ...
Washington Post : An ode to the NBA’s ‘ninja-style’ headbands: Gone but not forgotten

Summary: These ninja-style headbands looked awesome. The league thought they were a safety concern.

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