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Police warn parents over Blue Whale 'suicide game'

Police warn parents over Blue Whale 'suicide game'
Saturday 11
6:38 2017

British police are warning parents about the dangers of a sick social media 'game' that's said to be responsible for hundreds of teenage suicides in Russia. The 'Blue Whale challenge' encourages at-risk participants to take part in a series of tasks like cutting themselves every day for 50 days. They are then instructed to kill themselves on the final day of the sick 'challenge'. Police Community Support Officers in Cornwall and Devon have warned about the dangers of the 'Blue Whale' challenge The social media 'game' is being investigated by police in Russia in relation to a rash of teenage ...

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Read more from Dailymail : Police warn parents over Blue Whale 'suicide game'
Dailymail : Police warn parents over Blue Whale 'suicide game'

Summary: Police in Britain have taken to social media to warn of the dangers of the Blue Whale challenge, a so-called social media game which is allegedly responsible for a spate of suicides in Russia.

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