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Why Sudan needs a slow transition

Why Sudan needs a slow transition
Friday 24
0:30 2019

Although Sudan has witnessed two previous revolutions since independence, it has not had much luck with democratic transitions. After the 1964 and 1985 popular uprisings, civil wars continued to rage, material changes were not forthcoming for ordinary families, and no robust economic plans were set in motion. Lasting democratic reforms never materialised. In both cases, the revolutionary movements were led by mostly urban, professional elites, dominated by men, and were largely ideologically informed. As a result, neither of these uprisings managed to create a nationwide front that was inclusive of all socioeconomic classes and ethnic and religious groups that could ...

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Read more from Aljazeera : Why Sudan needs a slow transition
Aljazeera : Why Sudan needs a slow transition

Summary: Rushing the country into an early election would be a major mistake.

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