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Why you should probably stop snacking at work

Why you should probably stop snacking at work
Wednesday 13
19:5 2018

Remember the slice of supreme pizza you snagged at the lunch meeting? The fudge brownies your cubemate brought to cure the Monday blues? How about the carrot cake to celebrate John Doe's retirement, the peanut butter cookies in the kitchenette, the baked potato chips that got you through the afternoon? People have to eat, and with workers spending more and more time in the office, it only makes sense that people would reach for the easiest and most accessible options. Unfortunately, those options are not always the most healthful. Let's get honest: That was two slices of supreme pizza. And ...

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Read more from Washington Post : Why you should probably stop snacking at work
Washington Post : Why you should probably stop snacking at work

Summary: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention researchers found that people obtained nearly 1,300 calories per week from foods and beverages at work.

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